Who we are

In October 1983 we moved to Clevedon.

There we started our hydroponic lettuce operation in the back garden. This had not been attempted by anyone before in New Zealand, as fancy lettuce was a new product. We were fortunate to have Turners and Growers and a fruiterer in Newmarket coaxing us along.








The business started to grow and we built our first greenhouse in 1984.

It is still standing today and turning out crop after crop of lettuces. More greenhouses were built over the years as demand kept on soaring. Initially we were supplying Turners and Growers but as the entire markets changed with supermarkets having more say – we were able to supply Woolworths directly. We also began supplying various processing companies like Air New Zealand.

The next step was to build a packing shed as we were packing the lettuce on a small wooden table in the corner of the greenhouse. We brought in staff, Rachel Karl was one of our first employees and we are fortunate to still have her services today. Our ladies are the backbone of the business with most of them being with us for at least ten years.

In November 2005 we became stallholders at our first market, Clevedon Village Farmers Market. We started by simply selling lettuce but soon realised that the demand for a full range of fresh produce was needed. As you will see from our Produce page we now have an extensive range of herbs and produce.

In March 2010 the focus of our business shifted from supplying supermarkets to becoming vendors at a range of Auckland markets.

Phil & Jenny Tregidga